OsEAN at the EFO meeting

Following the invitation from the European Federation of Osteopaths to present the OsEAN Standard and audit process, OsEAN Secretary and lead auditor Jöry Pauwels joined the EFO meeting on Friday, last week. Jöry was offered 45 minutes of presentation time which he used wisely to explain the audit process and its benefits for osteopathic educational institutions and for osteopathic education in Europe in terms of this process getting osteopathy a step closer to being a recognized health profession. His presentation was well received and followed by a lot of questions which Jöry was more than happy to answer. Jöry himself asked the EFO members to recognize the audit outcome in order to allow alumni from schools who passed the audit to be accepted as members by the professional organizations in EFO, improving alumni mobility.
OsEAN and the EFO will keep working together. We promise to keep you informed about the progress of this cooperation.

Jöry Pauwels EFO meeting 03.02.2017 1  Jöry Pauwels EFO meeting 03.02.2017 2 

OsEAN: Still on the move!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2017!

May you and your loved ones have a lot of success, good health and love!

Happy Holidays from OsEAN

The OsEAN office is closed for the holidays from Dec 24th 2016 to Jan 8th 2017.

Teacher Training

Clinical Tutor Training 1

On September 1st & 2nd, OsEAN’s Clinical Tutor Training Lv. 1 took place at the building of FICO Poland in Warsaw.
Osteopathy is a new profession in Poland and new alumni are eager to develop the education in this field. Therefore we decided that Warsaw is the perfect place to start with the training. Apart from the tutoring, osteopaths from different regions in Poland and other European countries met, build bridges and exchanged knowledge and information.

A couple of words from Robert Muts

Rob MutsDear all,

I would first like to say a big Thank you! to Raimund Engel for:

  • the 10 years you gave to construct the building of the Osteopathic European Academic Network, in those years it is a solid Platform for schools to exchange knowledge and ideas in the education of osteopathy.
  • initiating the Open Forum educational conferences, 5 great events which underline the exchange and learning from each other in cooperation, palpation, research, innovation and soft skills.
  • your attention to each member of OsEAN, both within Europe as well as our associated members in Argentina, Canada, and our friends in Australia.
  • connecting people, connecting schools, for your empathy and your full attention. You have created a PBMT (Point of Balanced Member Tension).

Berlin Meeting - Résumé

OsEAN Meeting Berlin Nov 2016

The fall annual meeting of OsEAN took place on 16th & 17th November in Berlin at the OSD building right before the days of their famous congress.
22 OsEAN representatives from 18 member schools were present which made the meeting very lively, productive, full of ideas and discussions.

Audits' progress

WSO - Certification 2015OsEAN is proud to present a brief update on the progress of the auditing process which started in October 2015. OsEAN member schools are being audited by the Austrian Standards Institution (ASI) according to the CEN- Standard “EN 16686 – Osteopathic Healthcare Provision” and the OsEAN-Standard.

So far 5 schools have already completed the whole process and received their certification, 2 are waiting to be approved, 7 schools are scheduled for an audit and another 9 schools have contacted the ASI with the request to be scheduled.

OsEAN has a new president

Raimund Engel and Robert Muts OsEAN 1 Raimund Engel and Robert Muts OsEAN 2 Raimund Engel and Robert Muts OsEAN President

On April 22nd 2016, during the Open Forum in Vienna, Robert Muts took the lead of OsEAN as its new president. He has been vice-president of the organisation for the past six months and member of the board since 2013. Robert’s acceptance speech and big Thank you! to the previous president Raimund Engel moved everyone to tears.