Presenters - Virtual Intern. Student Day

Juan Pablo Leonfanti
Juan Pablo Leonfanti - OsEAN Virtual International Student Day 2022   Osteopath
Physiotherapist Kinesiologist
Professor at the Buenos Aires Osteopathic School
Professor at the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine
author of the book: “Osteopathy and Tensegrity: Notes to take the next step”
Editor of the IOS Osteopathic Research Journal
Hazel Mansfiel
MA Cantab BSc. OstMed. D.O. ND
Hazel Mansfield at OsEAN Virtual International Student Days   Hazel is an Osteopath of 15 years’ experience with a background in neuropsychology from Cambridge University, and a renowned lecturer of osteopaths and other manual therapists at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Originally based in London where she set up a large osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic focused on an integrative approach with top surgeons and specialists, she now consults in private practice in Stockholm, Sweden. Her clinical passion and special interests are in back pain, stress, and using the best available knowledge to elevate standards of patient care.
Débora Mínguez Ibanez
D.O. BSc(Hons)
Débora Mínguez - OsEAN Virtual International Student Day 2022   Débora Mínguez graduated as a Physical Therapist in 1997 in A Coruña University and graduated as an Osteopath in 2002 in the University College of Osteopathy in London.
She stablished in Barcelona and has her private practice there since 2004.
She has been involved in teaching Pregraduate Osteopathic Studies in Spain for 19 years now in different fields: Functional and BLT Techniques, Osteopathic Medicine and Clinical Studies.
From the beginning her main field of interest was the Paediatric Population. She has been teaching different Postgraduate Courses in Paediatrics from 2010 to the present time, and is the Academic Coordinator of the Osteopathic Paediatric Diploma in Barcelona since 2016.
She is currently teaching both in Spain and internationally as part of the academic staff of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy.
Robert Muts
D.O. BSc.
Rob Muts - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020  
Rob studeied Osteopathy in Belgium, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.
His specialty is osteopathy in the visceral field, peritoneum and nutrition.

He is the director of the College for Osteopathy Sutherland Amsterdam and the Academy of Mesology. Founder and director of the Integrated Medical Centre in Amsterdam, a centre for diagnosis and therapy in complementary health. Former and current president of Osteopathic European Academic Network.

Jory Pauwels
D.O. MSc.
Jöry Pauwels - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020  

Jöry Pauwels (°1976) studied physiotherapy, manual therapy & education in teaching, continued at Flanders International College of Osteopathy, moving on from student to joint principal of FICO. Professionally Jöry is active at FICO, (private & FICO) clinic and high-end physical sport (national rugby team). Jöry teaches in a number of European countries on (osteopathic) treatment concepts, education, innovations in safe & efficient mid-range manipulations: fluid build-up & non-impulse techniques and on gynecology & obstetrics. Currently Jöry enjoys his 2 children, food & drink, telemarking (white slopes and majestic mountains), traditional karate (IOGKF), (motor)cycling, rugby and golf when recovering from previous activities. Mental tranquility is found in shooting. Jöry’s mission for the future is to further the development of OsEAN & osteopathic teaching, the expansion of FICO and of being a father. Former President of OsEAN.

Inge Schuermans
Inge Schuermans - OsEAN Virtual International Student Days 2021  

Inge Schuermans graduated from KU Leuven in 2006 as a master in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy with a specialization in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Stimulated by the work of colleagues, she started her osteopathy training at the Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO) in Antwerp, which was completed in January 2014 by presenting her final paper, namely the effect of osteopathy on snoring. Apart from the clinical work, she teaches at FICO in all aspects of osteopathy; biomechanics, soft tissue techniques, cranial and visceral.
If you want to work with people, you have to study many different things, that is why she also followed Applied Kinesiology (AK), neurostructural integration technique (NST), biodynamic aspects in osteopathy in children and, since 2016, evolutionary osteopathy (EVOST).
Except explaining osteopathic principles, philosophy and techniques,… in an understandable way, her particular interest also lies in the power of the mind; how our perception, beliefs and intention will influence our reality and thus the impact we can have on our patients.