Madrid live meeting converted into an online meeting

Sadly, OsEAN's first live meeting for 2020 which was meant to be in Madrid on May 6th & 7th had to be cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic regulations in Europe.

Luckily, we live in a time where technology is allowing us to stay in touch with each other while we follow the social distancing rule. OsEAN has been founded with the thought of helping and supporting each other. In this "interesting time" (as Terry Pratchett would call it), we know how important it is to share our experiences in order to find support and solutions for issues we face. That's why OsEAN's board has decided to use the odds our century is offering us and summon all members to a special 4 hours long online meeting hosted by our Madrid member Formación Belga-Española de Osteopatía that kindly offered us access to their ZOOM programme. The meeting will be held on 6th May 9h - 13h CEST.

Due to the nature of this meeting big decisions such as new memberships or changes to board members will be postponed to the next possible live meeting.

Stay safe and take care of yourself, you are all that you have!

Recommendation: Student Exchange and Covid19

Dear Members of OsEAN, teachers, students,

Due to the strategy of the WHO with the outbreak of the Covid19 (Corona) in China and in Europe, we recommend our schools to postpone the oncoming exchange of students, teachers and examiners. As the WHO and many ministry’s in countries of Europe advise, we recommend to hold on to all travelling throughout Europe.

Although we, as Osteopaths, all know that our own immune system and the medicine within our own body will defend ourselves and hopefully our direct environment. We do not want to create panic, which is bad for our immunity but we also do not want to contribute to the spreading of the Covid19 throughout Europe whereby it can infect the less fortunate people. Therefore in a humanitarian gesture, we recommend to postpone the exchange programmes until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation on behalf of the sick and the elderly!

With kind regards,
Robert Muts D.O.
President Osteopathic European Academic Network

Wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2020! May you and your loved ones have a lot of success, good health and love!

First annual All Members Meeting in Torino in May 2019

All in front of SSOI

The weather in Torino at the beginning of May was a bit rainy and not that warm but this didn’t stop the 22 participants from 17 members schools to attend the first OsEAN annual All Members Meeting for 2019. The overall topic of the meeting was “Audit support”.

The topic of auditing was broadly discussed and the idea after the discussion was to leave the audit for non – OsEAN auditing bureaus (such as ASI & TÜV) as it is now but supply these organizing audit bureaus with the know-how how to do the audit and take an osteopathic (not necessary OsEAN member) co-auditor or as advisor.

One new schools was officially accepted as a full member. Warm welcome to the family of high quality educational institutions SOMA (Milano, Italy).

Our 7th Open Forum - conference

We are delighted to inform you that the programme for our seventh “Open Forum for Osteopathic Education” conference is in place and that registration has opened on Monday 2nd March 2020.

OF 2020 Registration open NOW

The programme of the Open Forum concentrates solely on teaching osteopathy and the “how, why & what”. This year, it features 2 keynote speeches held by Prof. Paul Vaucher from HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland with topic: Active communication and shared decision in osteopathic education. and Assoc. Prof. Gary Fryer from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia with topic: Teaching the principles of Osteopathy in Modern Context. , 12 platform presentations, 6 short workshops in 2 sessions and 13 posters.

As requested at our last conference in Lyon 2018, this year, the committee decided to include 30 min specifically dedicated to the poster presentations, briefly presenting authors and topics and allowing time for the attendees to walk around and talk to the poster presenters.

Second annual Members Meeting in Catania in October 2019

OsEAN All Members Meeting in Catania, October 2019

Our second annual All Members Meeting for 2019, was held in Catania this October. Saying that the weather was nice, the food delicious and the time we spent exchanging good, would be a big understatement. The meeting was hosted by our member CSdOI (Centro Studi di Osteopatia Italiano) and joined by 31 participants from 21 member schools and 3 candidates for membership schools.

The topic of the meeting was Partnership. The partnership with different organisations such as Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA), Societa' Italiana Di Pedagogia Medica (SIPeM) & An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE). Raimund Engel (External Affairs Committee), who represented OsEAN during the annual OIA meeting, gave a short report on the meeting and the news from OIA. Carmine Castagna (Board Member & External Affairs Committee) and Giacomo Consorti (Core Competencies Committee) made an AMEE experience report – overview and Inspiration from the most important MedED association existing. A suggestion for a collaboration with AMEE SIPeM, AACOM (Proposal for joint venture, agreement or partnership) was made.

Second annual Members Meeting in Lyon in October 2018

OsEAN All Members Meeing Lyon, October 2018

We had a wonderful meeting in Lyon in a great number of 30 participants from 21 schools. We started with news from OsEAN:

  • Student Exchange Programmes is running very well with 74 students who went on exchange to a different country. The feedback was fantastic and the students who went were so enthusiastic that they started a spark in their colleagues as well.
  • Teacher Training Programme – is running for the moment but some changes will be done in order to offer even better organisation of the different modules.
  • Until now all of our members are certified by the Austrian Standards Institute. Certified on the CEN-Standard and the OsEAN Standard (based on ISO 29990). Schools who missed the chanes to do the audit within the given deadline a well as schools that decided it not to undergo it are no longer members of the organisation.
  • OsEAN is working together with the EFFO to make it possible for alumni of audited schools to be accepted also from registers in other countries than the one where the degree was obtained. This project has still a long way to go but we are doing our best to move it forward.
  • The Open Forum 2018 ‘Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics’ was held in Lyon (France) on the 18th and 19th October 2018. This Open Forum was the largest so far with 100 participants from all ver Europe, Canada, Australia and even Malaysia.

One new schools was officially accepted as an associate member. Warm welcome to the family of high quality educational institutions CERDO (Italy).

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