Annual All Members Meeting, May 2022

OsEAN All Members Live Meeting - Vienna, May 2022

This was OsEAN’s first in person meeting after the pandemic. The meeting took place in Vienna, Austria on the 23rd & 24th May 2022. Host was the WSO (Vienna School of Osteopathy). Main topics of this meeting were succession and leadership, two topics our members were highly interested in. Often osteopathic schools are reigned by one person alone which wears many heads in the structure of the school and in these cases, it is important to realise that the time will come for the principal to retire and there needs to be a plan of action in place on how to do the change smoothly. It is important to realise that when a school is led by one person only if anything happens to the principal, the school needs to continue working without major problems. Here is also important to acknowledge the role a good leader plays in the organisation of an educational institution. This led to the decision that workshops on these topics are needed. The workshop “Succession in osteopathic schools” a workshop led by Raimund Engel (WSO, Austria) and the workshop “Perspectives on leadership as principal for an osteopathy school” was led by Daniel Heed (SKOHS, Sweden).

OsEAN All Members Live Meeting Vienna, May 2022

Further topics were discussed during the meeting such as the upcoming Open Forum 2022 “Teaching Clinical Competencies, the Virtual International Student Day 2023, all three exchange programmes of OsEAN, as well as the benefits of being a member, the dates and topics for future All Members Live Meetings.

On the first day the meeting ended with a short walk through the city of Vienna and a delicious dinner during which the school representatives enjoyed their company, shared news and laughter with each other.

The next live meeting will be on the 28th September 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium, followed by the Open Forum 2022.

OsEAN All Members Live Meeting May 2022 - During dinner   OsEAN All Members Live Meeting May 2022 - During dinner

OsEAN's Teachers' Working Groups

The idea for OsEAN’s Teachers’ Working Groups was born 2021 by Sandra Rinne (Metropolia, Finland) and Sandra Lois (FBEO, Spain) and presented to the other members during the All Members Live Meeting in May 2021 after an evaluation of our meetings where the principals/representatives shared that they enjoy meeting each other mostly because of the exchange of new ideas, best practices and the motivation and positive energy that comes with the exchange. OsEAN is a network, and this is why, we want to offer this opportunity also to the teachers of our members schools. The groups are there to benefit the teacher and participation is free of charge.
So far three groups have started meeting: Visceral, Cranial and Parietal. A clinical and a Research Working Group are planned to start working in 2022.
For more information on how the groups work, when they meet and how you can participate, please go to:

And here is what our members say about this groups:

Visceral Goup Picture from a meetingRob Muts: "Working together on the fundamentals of osteopathy in the visceral field."
Sandra Lois: "A pleasure and a luxury to be in this group of osteopathy teachers in the visceral area of OsEAN schools, representing FBEO-Formación Belga-Española de Osteopatía. Interesting things are coming out." "Very proud of participating in this magnificent wave that is taking place in Osean: teachers working together for a better osteopathic education. As the leader of Osean’s visceral teachers group and representing FBEO, I can say that we have an important duty ahead of us and I’m sure it will be fruitful."

7th Open Forum Conference - “Teaching the Working Principles of Osteopathy”

The topic of OsEAN’s seventh “Open Forum for Osteopathic Education” conference which was held on 23rd & 24th September 2021 ONLINE was “Teaching the Working Principles of Osteopathy” (Historical, physiological, mechanical, philosophical, scientific ways of view). Even thou the workings principles of osteopathy are a central part of our osteopathic education many schools are still struggling to get a grip on the ‘how, why & what’ questions in explaining osteopathy. The lectures, workshops and poster presentations did their best to help with this well know issue. Sixty-five participants from Europe and Australia participated in the virtual conference. The conference continued one and a half days offering keynote speeches from Prof. Paul Vaucher on “Active communication and shared decision in osteopathic education.” (read abstract / view presentation) and Assoc. Prof. Gary Fryer on „Teaching the principles of Osteopathy in Modern Context.“ (read abstract / view presentation)
Next Open Forum Conference will be held in Antwerp, Belgium in person on 29th and 30th September 2022. The topic of the next conference is “Teaching Clinical Competencies”.

Second annual All Members Meeting, September 2021

If you want to go fast go allone If you want to go far go togetherThe second annual All Members “live” Meeting in 2021 was also held online. It was on the 22nd September 2022, the day before the 7th Open Forum for Osteopathic Education conference, “Teaching the Working Principles of Osteopathy”. The meeting was only one day long. During the meeting all important matters for OsEAN and its members were discussed such as:

Christmas 2022 small

Message from our new president

Robert Muts - OsEAN's President Hello to all,

my name is Robert Muts, principal of the College of Osteopathy Sutherland in Amsterdam. Proudly re-elected as president of OsEAN, for the coming years.
I am looking forward to continue the work on cooperation between schools in Europe. Specially in the field of education, research, curriculum and delivering the best osteopaths. We already achieved a lot in the past years, such as students-exchange, International Students Day, teachers-working-groups, Open Forum, etc.

In Amsterdam I work as the principal of College of Osteopathie, Academy of Mesology (Naturopathy) and director of the Integral Medical Centre. In this centre are about 30 therapist in complementary Medicine working together with patients. It is also the home for the clinical part of our education. To stay in contact with the working field, I still practice with patients in this centre, with expertise on chronic visceral diseases.

First annual All Members Meeting, May 2021

In 2021, OsEAN held its annual All Members “live” Meetings online. It was a hybrid meeting, with some members travelling to Milano, Italy and participating in person while others, due to the pandemic, participated online. The meeting in Milano was held at the beginning of May followed by a 2 days workshop on Faculty Development. During the meeting the present members exchanged opinions on what they expected when they first join the organisation, if these expectations were met and the return of investment that the membership brought to them. Networking and learning from other’s best practice was the biggest value all schools mentioned and cherish a lot. The visibility of the schools, the international teachers exchange, as well as the student exchange and the undergoing of the audit which helped them organise the schools in a better more efficient way, were some of the other values menshioned by the members. During this meeting the idea of OsEAN’s Teachers Working Groups was born. The rest of the meeting was dedicated to the news from the members, the organisation of the Open Forum 2021 and the 2nd Virtual Student Day. The foundation “Hands with Heart” and their function was presented to the members by Jorge Aranda. The meeting ended around 18:00h for those who were present online. Those who were in person in Milano had a lovely dinner together.