Membership Audits

According to the OsEAN membership standards from 2014 all existing members have to go through a mandatory audit until the end of 2017 in order to keep their status as a member. New applicants will be accepted only after completing an audit.

Please note that the audit process allows you to provide some documents later on, to complete the audit. Schools do NOT need to translate all documents in English, usually one of the auditors speaks the language of the school.

Audit completed - Certificate issued:

22.09.2015   WSO Vienna/Austria
25.03.2016   CS Amsterdam/Netherlands
18.04.2016   FICO Antwerp/Belgium
30.05.2016   EIOM Padova/Italy
13.06.2016   ISO Milan/Italy
25.11.2016   CSO Paris/France
28.11.2016   CSdOI Catania/Italy
09.01.2017   CEESO Lyon/France
12.04.2017   AIMO
   CROMON Rome/Italy
29.05.2017   CSOT Rome/Italy
29.05.2017   AbeOS Raiano/Italy
20.06.2017   SKOS Göteborg/Sweden
09.08.2017   FBEO Madrid/Spain
29.09.2017   AIOT Pescara/Italy
27.11.2017   Metropolia Helsinki/Finland
27.12.2017   SSOI Torino/Italy
22.10.2018   EOB Barcelona/Spain
11.12.2018   SOMA Milano/Italy
May 2019     ESO Maidstone/UK

Audit conducted, awaiting approval

ICOMM Rome/Italy - membership candidate
Atlaas Espoo/Finland - membership candidate