Virtual International Student Day 2024

The OsEAN VISD organizing committee would like to invite you to the 4th Virtual International Student Day which is scheduled for Friday, 9 February 2024, so the date! We would like to inform you that this is the second in a series of events that focuses on the philosophy and identity of the osteopath, and how these have evolved over time. Last year, we did a journey through the history of osteopathy, this year we will talk about philosophy, and we will finish next year talking finally about identity.

2023: History.
2024: Philosophy and principles
2025: Identity

We strongly encourage you to participate. This event adds value and knowedge to your curriculum as it is an international exchange of knowledge and encourages greater participation in an activity that grows our community and fosters the spirit of OsEAN.

Students from all countries and schools are welcome to participate. The participation is free for students of OsEAN member schools and €25 for everyone else.

The classes are open to both beginner and advanced students. Classes will only be recorded for internal purposes.

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