Cranial Teachers

This is the second working group OsEAN starts. The first one is the visceral teachers working group which started working this summer and has already met several times so far.

The working groups are a new networking project having as aim to connect teachers of member schools with each other and give them the opportunity to exchange their experience, share thoughts and fears, hear how colleagues in the same field work in their schools in other countries and search for solutions of common challenges they face while teaching.

The working group was created to benefit the teachers. Participation is entirely for free. The idea came after OsEAN representatives shared that they highly value the exchange of new ideas, best practices and the motivation and positive energy that comes with the exchange during the meetings. Working lenguage of the groups is English but teachers are welcome to join with their own translator if they need one.

Meetings are always on the 2nd Monday of an odd month.
In 2023 this means: 9th January, 13th March, 8th May, 10th July, 11th September, 13th November 2022, you will find the dates also at Meeting Dates. The group follows a working flow and creates their own structure and pin topics they want to work on.

Participating teachers can exchange information (apart from the meetings) by using our Forum and download documents and minutes of previuos meetings at any time.

If you are a cranial teacher at an OsEAN member school and you are not already part of the working group but would like to be one, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We are looking forward to welcoming you!