VISD Committee

Sandra Lois
D.O. MSc. P.T.
Sandra Lois  

Sandra is a spanish osteopath specialized in the approach to the visceral system and in perinatal care of women.

Teacher and academic advisor in FBEO-EORA in Europe and Latin- America. Former president of the Spanish Register of Osteopaths (ROE) and current member of its board.

Her vision of the osteopathic approach emphasises the integration of all the body systems and a therapeutic approach of minimal and precise intervention on the elements responsible for the physiological adaptation of the patient.

She enjoys teamwork, interpersonal relationships and taking on new challenges both personally and professionally.

Daniel Heed
D.O. BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, PGC (Clinical Anatomy)
Daniel Heed VISD   Daniel has practiced manual therapy since 1999 and still is. Although nowadays he spends most of his working time as the Principal of the Scandinavian School of Osteopathy, Sweden, where he thinks a responsive leadership is important while developing an organization that is thriving. He has also a great interest in clinical anatomy which he has studied, taught and related to osteopathy for many years. Daniel enjoys both being totally focused in budo training but also to contemplate under the stars if time allows.
Sandra Rinne
D.O. MSc
Sandra Rinne VISD Committee