Students Research Award

OsEAN Research Award Poster 2018

OsEAN Research Award has been introduced to the osteopathic community for the first time during the fifth OsEAN Open Forum “Teaching the Soft Skills” in Vienna, in April 2016.

The next opportunity for students from OsEAN Member Schools to compete for the OsEAN Research Award is on October 18th & 19th 2018 at the sixth OsEAN Open Forum - Conference "Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics" in Lyon, France.

This is one in a life time opportunity for students to present their work in front of an international jury of osteopathy professors & teachers from all over the world, to socialize with professionals, to build new work relationships and to win a money prize. During the open forum last year’s winner was able to impress with her research so much that she was offered the possibility for collaboration from three different schools. We are sure that you as well would like to have such a great chance to start your professional life as osteopaths.

All posters have to be in English and all presenting authors shall be able to speak English to be able to present and explain their research or answer questions about them. The author(s) need to be available throughout the poster sessions during the Open Forum.

For more information please contact the research department of your school. Please note, only abstracts submitted by heads of research via mail will be accepted.  

We wish you all good luck and successful work!