Call for abstracts OF 2024

We are happy to present to you the topic of OsEAN’s 9th "Open Forum for Osteopathic Education" conference which is "Osteopathic Models - between tradition and evidence-based practice".

Osteopathy and osteopathic education are undergoing a critical transition. While some schools still mainly adhere to traditional osteopathic models and theories, others try to integrate the ever-growing insights from the research that was published since the turn of the century. This is a daunting task, as an overall framework for osteopathy is missing.
Recent suggestions from some authors seem strongly biased toward the bio-psycho-social model. While it is true that the psycho-social aspects have long been neglected in osteopathy, most of what is proposed now stays quite vague and far from usable in clinical practice. So what’s left as a take-home message for educators, is that we should put more emphasis on patient communication and education.
Also - despite evidence to the contrary - some champions of the bio-psycho-social model seem to omit or even deny the "bio"-part, i.e. any effects of our manual treatment on patients' bodies. OMT arguably is the main reason why our patients come to see an osteopath rather than a psychologist specialized in pain science, so any model that does not include it seems thoroughly lacking.

In this situation we would like to follow up on Steve Vogel’s IJOM editorial from 2021 and dedicate OsEAN’s 2024 Open Forum Conference to the discussion of our theoretical models, inviting educators and researchers alike. As a profession, we need a new consensus and together we might be able to make a step in that direction.

We welcome contributions to the following questions:

  • What models are currently taught in osteopathic schools?
  • What could be potential future frameworks that integrate psycho-social aspects and osteopathic manual treatment?
  • Which parts of the osteopathic traditions are still valid today?
  • How much science do we need in osteopathy and how much non-scientific content is acceptable?

The Open Forum will take place on 7 & 8 November 2024 in Saronno (Italy), a beautiful and easy to reach small town close to Milano.

We are looking forward to receiving your papers and contributions.