First annual All Members Meeting in Torino in May 2019

All in front of SSOI

The weather in Torino at the beginning of May was a bit rainy and not that warm but this didn’t stop the 22 participants from 17 members schools to attend the first OsEAN annual All Members Meeting for 2019. The overall topic of the meeting was “Audit support”.

The topic of auditing was broadly discussed and the idea after the discussion was to leave the audit for non – OsEAN auditing bureaus (such as ASI & TÜV) as it is now but supply these organizing audit bureaus with the know-how how to do the audit and take an osteopathic (not necessary OsEAN member) co-auditor or as advisor.

One new schools was officially accepted as a full member. Warm welcome to the family of high quality educational institutions SOMA (Milano, Italy).

The European School of Osteopathy underwent the OsEAN/CEN and is looking forward to becoming our member again. The ESO was the founder school of OsEAN so everyone will be happy to welcome them back once we have the feedback from the audit.

Conventional Europe

During the extraordinary general meeting a decision was taken that schools from countries in "conventional" Europe (marked green on the map) can be full members. This means Russian schools do not need to but can take the audit to be a member, while the audit is mandatory for Ukrainian and all other European schools.

Future meetings and topics of interests were discussed. Our next meeting will be held in Catania, Italy in October 2019 where the main topic will be Partnership and ways to improve the Teacher Training Programme and School’s curriculum.

At the end of the first days, we had a wonderful delicious diner in a local restaurant in Torino. Our dinners are usually held informal allowing our members to connect with each other. Topics vary from working topics about Osteopathy and teaching to private topics about relationships, family and food.

It was a successful meeting that charged everyone with a lot of positive energy and will to continue working and improve for the better. That is what OsEAN is for!

All in SSOI