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Open Forum Registration
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Event Fee(s)
There is a discount called "5 - for 4" register 5 attendees and pay for 4 only. It is available for 5 attendees from the same institution (e.g. €1520 instead of €1900). In case the group of 5 consists of attendees and presenters, the fee of one presenter will be waived. For this option fill out the forms by choosing the appropriate fee. Afterwards please contact us at and give us the billing address of the institution and the names of the registered participants. This discount is limited to the first 4 schools to register 5 of their teachers.
There is 5% PayPal service fee per transaction.
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Type of Participation
Open Forum 2020 Workshops
Open Forum 2020- Cocktail Dinner

Please, let us know if you want to attend our social event at the end of the first day of conference. The cocktail dinner is free for registered participants of the Open Forum.
Please note that it is possible to take someone with you to the dinner however if the person is not a registered participant, a €60 surcharge occurs.