Second annual Members Meeting in Verona in October 2017

OsEAN All Members Meeting Verona 2017

We had a wonderful meeting in Verona in a great number of 38 participants from 24 schools. We started with news from OsEAN with our:

  • Exchange Programmes (Students, Teachers and Examiners), which are up and running
  • Teacher Training Programmes, which took place in several cities and new courses are scheduled for the next year
  • Audit news, so far 60% of our Members are certified by the Austrian Standards Institute. Certified on the CEN-Standard and the OsEAN Standard (based on ISO 29990). The other Audits are scheduled.
  • The Open Forum 2018 ‘Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics’ to be held in Lyon (France) on the 18th and 19th October 2018. This Open Forum will have lectures, workshops and an interactive part.

Three new schools were officially accepted as full members of the organisation. Warm welcome on board to AbeOS (Italy), AIMO (Italy) and FBEO (Spain). Two potential Members presented their school to the participants in order to start the Application Process becoming a Member of OsEAN.
We shared the news from schools and the political situation in the different countries. All certified Members where satisfied by the Audit Process of OsEAN and have improved their school by undergoing the Audit.
We worked hard on the topic for this meeting ‘How to run an osteopathic clinic’. The topic was divided in small parts on which all members interchanged their knowledge and experience.

We had a lovely diner in the middle of Verona at the Arena. Here, in an informal way, the Members communicated with each other on different topics concerning Osteopathy, and of course delicious Italian food.
Two new Board-Members were chosen: Tim Daelemans (FICO Belgium) and Velda Lulic (Croation Academy of Osteopathy) and two were re-elected.
At the end of our meeting we have produced a Protocol with the different topics on running an osteopathic clinic at a school.
All in all a wonderful meeting, good work has beens done and a lot of interchanging knowledge and experience has been gained. That is what OsEAN is for!

Robert Muts,
President Osteopathic European Academic Network OsEAN

Here are some impressions from this meeting.