European School of Osteopathy - OsEAN Full Member again

ESO back in OsEAN

Do you know that the European School of Osteopathy is a Full Member of OsEAN again?

Three important questions answered:

1) Why were they out of OsEAN?

OsEAN contributed to the development of the CEN Standard: EN16686 Osteopathic Healthcare Provision and uses it as a minimum requirement for full OsEAN memberships. OsEAN partnered up with the Austrian Standard Institute (ASI) and developed a certification that applies the CEN Standard as well as the OsEAN Standard. Existing members had a deadline to undergo an audit which ensures the school complies with these Standards. Schools that missed the deadline were asked to leave the organisation until they undergo the audit. Unfortunately, the ESO was one of the schools asked to leave. Luckily, it didn’t take them long to come back on board.

2) When did the ESO join OsEAN again?

The ESO underwent the mandatory audit and was certified by the ASI in May 2019. This made it possible for the school to apply for membership again. They were accepted as a full member after a vote of all present members during the OsEAN General Meeting this October.

3) Can I go on an Exchange to the ESO?

Yes! The ESO re-entered all OsEAN Exchange Programmes which include: Students, Teachers and Examiner Exchange. For more information about the programmes, please visit our website.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the ESO, so far, is the first and only school which managed to pass the audit without a single deviation neither a major nor a mainor one. Congratulation to the school, all members of staff, and the students. We are very happy that they are back on board.

Did you know that the ESO was the founding school of OsEAN? More about it here.

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