Teachers Exchange

All members of OsEAN can participate in the Teachers Exchange Programme. There are two types of teacher exchange:

  1. The first one is for schools which need a lecturer for a certain topic but don’t have one on their own. Then they can ask a teacher from an OsEAN member school to come and teach at their school.
  2. The second kind of exchange is an A to B and B to A kind of exchange. In this case school A sends a teacher to school B and afterwards school B sends a teacher to school A.

Teacher Training

In the past osteopathy was often taught by apprenticeship like a craft: a master of his craft was regarded as a good teacher. Nowadays, in an academic environment that is much more complex, additional skills are required to teach and train students up to 21st century standards.

Recognizing this need for didactic and communicative competence of osteopathic lecturers, the OsEAN member schools have initiated a teachers‘ training programme with the following modules:

Students Research Award 2016

OsEAN Research Award has been introduced to the osteopathic community for the first time during the fifth OsEAN Open Forum Teaching the Soft Skills” in Vienna, in April 2016. We had the pleasure to invite students from our member schools to participate and present their research. Five students (Jérémie Agius, Mariantoinietta Alò, Jane Beazley, Alizée Glotain and Juliette Vallier) from four schools (CEESO Lyon, CROMON, ESO, IdHEO) competed for the Prize: First place - € 500, Second - € 300 and Third - € 200.

Students Research Award

OsEAN Research Award Poster 2018

OsEAN Research Award has been introduced to the osteopathic community for the first time during the fifth OsEAN Open Forum “Teaching the Soft Skills” in Vienna, in April 2016.

The next opportunity for students from OsEAN Member Schools to compete for the OsEAN Research Award is on October 18th & 19th 2018 at the sixth OsEAN Open Forum - Conference "Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics" in Lyon, France.

This is one in a life time opportunity for students to present their work in front of an international jury of osteopathy professors & teachers from all over the world, to socialize with professionals, to build new work relationships and to win a money prize. During the open forum last year’s winner was able to impress with her research so much that she was offered the possibility for collaboration from three different schools. We are sure that you as well would like to have such a great chance to start your professional life as osteopaths.

All posters have to be in English and all presenting authors shall be able to speak English to be able to present and explain their research or answer questions about them. The author(s) need to be available throughout the poster sessions during the Open Forum.

For more information please contact the research department of your school. Please note, only abstracts submitted by heads of research via mail will be accepted.  

We wish you all good luck and successful work!

Students Exchange

In keeping with the Bologna Accord and its aim to achieve a European Higher Education Area through increased student mobility within Europe, in February 2010 OsEAN has established a Students Exchange Programme between its member Institutes.This enables you to attend institutes in other European countries for a short period to experience the different perspectives offered by each.

Students of the OsEAN schools are allowed to spend up to 7 days at any other school which is part of the program, attending courses and/or a teaching clinic.
There will be no extra charges for the foreign course but of course, costs for travel and accommodation will apply.
Language skills of the host school’s language is obviously useful, in some cases it might be possible to have another student at the receiving school helping out as a translator, or to attend courses that are delivered in English.