Exchange of External Examiners

It is regarded as good practice to use external examiners for the final clinical exams to be able to compare the graduate’s standard internationally.
To foster this exchange, OsEAN dedicates a fixed amount for the reimbursement of travel expenses (flight within Europe, airport taxi, hotel room) for a maximum of 2 examiners per school and year.
Applications have to be filed by the host school through a form on the OsEAN website before November of the year before (31.October 2017 for exams in 2018). The OsEAN board then decides about the distribution of funds.
Unfortunately, there will be no reimbursement for 2018.
By filing a request, the host school accepts that the invited examiner sends a written report about the exams to OsEAN for future evaluation. This report and an expense bill are prerequisites for the reimbursement.


Facilitating the use of external examiners for final clinical exams at all OsEAN schools to work toward a common standard of graduates


All OsEAN schools


Depending on the number of schools participating in the programme each year refunds will vary. (e.g. €2000,- budget /10 schools participating = €200,- per school)
Max. €700,- (based on the estimate of €400,- travel costs and 4 nights at €75,-) per examiner and school.


All members of OsEAN can participate in the Exchange of External Examiners Programme. There are two types of Examiner Exchange:

Hiring External Examiner:

Schools that want to do this:

  • Look at the Examiner Pool and send an Email directly to the school of the list
  • Get in contact with the examiner and set the dates.
  • The sending school takes care of a signed agreement of the examiner.
  • The hosting school will pay for all costs: examiners-fee, flight, accommodation.

Exchange Programme

Schools that want to do this:  

  • Look at the Examiner Pool and send an email to the OsEAN Office with the information of the Examiners from their school who want to take part in the programme
  • The office will add them to the pool (the pool is visible for members only)
  • Pick out a school of the list and exchange Examiners. School A sends an examiner A to school B <=> school B sends an examiner B to school A.
  • The sending school pays the examiner fee, the hosting school pays the hotel and the flight.
  • The sending school fills in the application form from OsEAN (before the end of October) to ask for attending the refund of the Examiners Exchange Budget of OsEAN.
    Depending on the number of schools participating in the programme each year refunds will vary. Only a school can apply for a reimbursement not an examiner.

How it works

If an examiner wants to participate in OsEAN’s Examiners Exchange Program, they have to contact the Exchange-coordinator at THEIR school.