Teachers Exchange

All members of OsEAN can participate in the Teachers Exchange Programme. There are two types of teacher exchange:

  1. The first one is for schools which need a lecturer for a certain topic but don’t have one on their own. Then they can ask a teacher from an OsEAN member school to come and teach at their school.
  2. The second kind of exchange is an A to B and B to A kind of exchange. In this case school A sends a teacher to school B and afterwards school B sends a teacher to school A.

Teachers Database

This database is being created in order to help schools when they need a lecturer for a certain topic but don’t have one themselves. Here fore we ask the schools that would like to participate to send a mail to the OsEAN office declaring their interest in the programme. The office will then send a list with all requirements about the teachers who can participate and the information needed from them. The school fills in the list of Teachers who want to give Postgraduate courses abroad and sends it back to the OsEAN Office. The information will be added to the OsEAN Teachers Database which will be accessible for members only.

How does this kind of exchange works and who carries the costs?

After choosing a lecturer (BY) the hosting school (A) has to contact the principal of the chosen teacher’s school (B) and ask if the teacher is available. If yes, the chosen teacher has to fill out the agreement and send it to the hosting school. After receiving the agreement, the hosting school can contact the teacher. All costs such as flights, accommodation, payment etc. will be covered by the hosting school.

Exchange Programme

This Teacher Exchange works reciprocally. A teacher (AY) from school A goes to school (B) after the exchange, school B send a teacher (BX) to school A. Schools that want to do this:

  • Send an Email to the OsEAN Office and declare their interest in participating in the programme
  • The Office will then include the school in the list of Schools participating in the Programme (visible for Members only)

The programme offers schools to visit other schools by their teachers and participate in their courses for the duration of 2 days.
The Exchange teachers do not have to pay, but neither get payed for the activity, it is a learning exchange programme. However, the costs for flight will be paid by the sending school and the costs for accommodation will be paid by the hosting school. When the teacher wants to stay longer he has to pay for the extra accommodation and living during the exchange week on their own.
The hosting school has to organize a schedule for the exchange teacher(s). The classes/courses have to be (approx.) on the level of osteopathic education of each teacher or below. Courses above the level might lead to frustration which is undesirable, while courses on a level below will probably show a different approach to a topic and thus still be valuable for the teacher.

How it works

If a teacher wants to participate in OsEAN’s Teachers Exchange Programme, they will have to contact the Exchange-coordinator at THEIR school.