Clinical Tutor Training II

Here are some impressions from our Clinical Tutor Training II which was held last weekend (July 7th & 8th) at AbeOS Osteopathy School in Raiano, Italy.

Second annual Members Meeting in Verona in October 2017

OsEAN All Members Meeting Verona 2017

We had a wonderful meeting in Verona in a great number of 38 participants from 24 schools. We started with news from OsEAN with our:

  • Exchange Programmes (Students, Teachers and Examiners), which are up and running
  • Teacher Training Programmes, which took place in several cities and new courses are scheduled for the next year
  • Audit news, so far 60% of our Members are certified by the Austrian Standards Institute. Certified on the CEN-Standard and the OsEAN Standard (based on ISO 29990). The other Audits are scheduled.
  • The Open Forum 2018 ‘Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics’ to be held in Lyon (France) on the 18th and 19th October 2018. This Open Forum will have lectures, workshops and an interactive part.

Audits' progress July 2017

OsEAN is proud to inform you about the progress of the auditing process which started in October 2015 and for the moment is going very smooth and as planned.

So far seventeen schools have undergo the auditing process, three of which are membership candidates. Fourteen schools have already received a certificate, two are awaiting theirs, and one did not pass the audit and is now an associate member.

Four schools are scheduled for an audit in the next months and another one has contacted ASI with the request to be scheduled. There are only six schools left that need to contact Dr. Peter Jonas. We hope they will manage to do this before the end of the year.

We are sorry to announce that one school has decided against the audit and we will have to lose it as member from January 2018.

OsEAN at the EFO meeting

Following the invitation from the European Federation of Osteopaths to present the OsEAN Standard and audit process, OsEAN Secretary and lead auditor Jöry Pauwels joined the EFO meeting on Friday, last week. Jöry was offered 45 minutes of presentation time which he used wisely to explain the audit process and its benefits for osteopathic educational institutions and for osteopathic education in Europe in terms of this process getting osteopathy a step closer to being a recognized health profession. His presentation was well received and followed by a lot of questions which Jöry was more than happy to answer. Jöry himself asked the EFO members to recognize the audit outcome in order to allow alumni from schools who passed the audit to be accepted as members by the professional organizations in EFO, improving alumni mobility.
OsEAN and the EFO will keep working together. We promise to keep you informed about the progress of this cooperation.

Jöry Pauwels EFO meeting 03.02.2017 1  Jöry Pauwels EFO meeting 03.02.2017 2 

Teacher Training

Clinical Tutor Training 1 - July 2017

In July 2017 AbeOS in Raiano, Italy hosted Clinical Tutor Training 1, one of OsEAN’s Teacher Training courses. A dynamic group of 24 motivated teachers from different countries and schools joined for a 2 days course in true OsEAN spirit. The group input, location, weather, friendship, growth process, food, drinks and hosting were excellent. Did you missed this train the trainer opportunity? Here you will find all the information for the upcoming Teacher Training Programme 2017/2018.

"Thank you AbeOs for the good work and hope to see you all for level 2 next year!" - Jöry Pauwels

Here are a few impressions from the 2 days:

St. Herblain Meeting - Résumé

OsEAN Meeting Nantes, France 16.March 2017

The spring annual meeting of OsEAN took place on 15th & 16th March 2017 in Saint Herblain, Nantes, France at the IdHEO building right before the days of their 11th Osteopathic International Symposium on the theme of multidisciplinary management of sleep disorders. 16 OsEAN representatives from 13 member schools and 5 representatives of 4 membership candidate schools were present. The representatives of the applicant schools brought a lot of fresh blood and new ideas to the meeting, which showed how much they want to be a part of our network. As usual the meeting was very productive and full of discussions.

This meeting was mainly dedicated to further developing all OsEAN exchange programmes such as the Student Exchange, Teacher Exchange and also Examiner Exchange. Pro and contras were discussed, the ways to motivate students and teachers to participate, the importance of participating, the impact of such programmes on osteopathic education in Europe and what needed to be done in order to make these programmes better. All of the lively group discussions led to a very productive meeting during which a lot of decisions has being taken.

Berlin Meeting - Résumé

OsEAN Meeting Berlin Nov 2016

The fall annual meeting of OsEAN took place on 16th & 17th November in Berlin at the OSD building right before the days of their famous congress.
22 OsEAN representatives from 18 member schools were present which made the meeting very lively, productive, full of ideas and discussions.