Recommendation: Student Exchange and Covid19

Dear Members of OsEAN, teachers, students,

Due to the strategy of the WHO with the outbreak of the Covid19 (Corona) in China and in Europe, we recommend our schools to postpone the oncoming exchange of students, teachers and examiners. As the WHO and many ministry’s in countries of Europe advise, we recommend to hold on to all travelling throughout Europe.

Although we, as Osteopaths, all know that our own immune system and the medicine within our own body will defend ourselves and hopefully our direct environment. We do not want to create panic, which is bad for our immunity but we also do not want to contribute to the spreading of the Covid19 throughout Europe whereby it can infect the less fortunate people. Therefore in a humanitarian gesture, we recommend to postpone the exchange programmes until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation on behalf of the sick and the elderly!

With kind regards,
Robert Muts D.O.
President Osteopathic European Academic Network