OsEAN Member Schools - EDUCAM SOI Scuola di Osteopatia Italiana

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Via Giacinto de’ Vecchi Pieralice 21
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School Overview
C.R.O.M.O.N. School of Osteopathy is active since 1998 always researching quality and excellence in training osteopaths across Italy: - the first Italian School with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008/2015 TÜV AUSTRIA Quality Certification; - the first Italian School collaborating with the Ministry of Health providing Education in Osteopathic field; - the first Italian School to collaborate with Tor Vergata University in Rome for the “Master of Science in Posturology and Osteopathy”; - the first Italian School to have its own delegate as member of the OsEAN Board and to participate in the Student Exchange Program; - the first School to organize, in 2008, the First National Congress of Osteopathy. C.R.O.M.O.N. has joined ROI, CPO, CONFOSTEOPATIA, promoting awareness and sharing the principles and identity of Osteopathy. In 2010, the School has applied Benchmarks WHO. In 2015 C.R.O.M.O.N. and S.Os.I. created EDUCAM Training Institute, providing educational path in the field of Health Promotion. The MISSION: Education in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The VISION: knowing, knowing how to do... for knowing how to be. Quality, simplicity and excellence: these are the key points, which brings together more than 110 EDUCAM Experts among Lecturers, Assistants, Tutors and Administrative Staff. Moreover EDUCAM, with CLINICAM Profession Project, provides Training and Clinical Tutoring for all the Students, up to 1000 hours. CLINICAM plays a valuable social service in the city of Rome, bringing the benefits of Osteopathy and CAM directly next to people.