OsEAN Member Schools - Akademia Osteopatii

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ul.Marcelińska 92-94
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School Overview
Established in 2008, the Academy of Osteopathy (AO) stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of osteopathic education in Poland. Situated in the historic city of Poznań, which is also its primary location, the academy has expanded its reach over the years and now boasts branches in four other major Polish cities: Kraków, Gdańsk, Warszawa, and Wrocław. Dedicated to imparting a comprehensive understanding of osteopathy, the AO has consistently demonstrated a commitment to offering high-quality education and training, ensuring that its students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The curriculum is designed to cultivate a deep understanding of the human body, its intricate systems, and the principles of holistic health, thereby enabling graduates to diagnose and treat a myriad of conditions with a hands-on approach.