OsEAN Member Schools - Scuola Superiore di Osteopatia Italiana

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P.zza Bernini, 12
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School Overview
S.S.O.I. (Scuola Superiore di Osteopatia Italiana - Torino (Italy) Since 2009, SSOI’s programs follow the highest osteopathic training standards, according to the World Health Organization regulation, which outlined the guidelines of this profession; since 2012 SSOI’s been certified according to the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. SSOI’s teachers include university professors, hospital doctors, and highly qualified Osteopath teachers. To access "Full Time” courses, a High school degree is needed, and an aptitude test for being admitted is previewed. Full time is structured in five years of study with a mandatory attendance of 3500 hours of lectures, and 1000 of clinical training. The School's Clinic (CTFO) allows students to practice on external patients, supervised by Osteopaths as tutors and doctors. Clinic is important for the development of professionalism of students, as it allows them to acquire autonomy necessary for their future career. During the five years, students have the opportunity to spend short or long mobility periods at foreign OsEAN member schools, in order to enrich their osteopathic knowledge at no additional cost. The second course defined as "Part Time" is attended by students with a previous degree (degree in Medicine and surgery, dentistry, "first level sanitary degree" issued by a medical faculty (Physiotherapy, Degree in Nursing Science...) or a Bachelor degree in Sports Science. Part time lasts 6 years, with 1600 hours of compulsory attendance organized in 6 seminars of 4 days each per year. The first three years focus on the theoretical and practical study of the structural part of the entire body, the second three years on the visceral part. For both type1 and types 2, a limited number for enrollment is set: 30 students, in order to ensure them an adequate quality training.