Somatic tremors for pain and trauma course at FICO Belgium


FICO Osteopathy Academy Belgium organises a postgraduate course: Somatic tremors for pain and trauma taught by Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni.

Introduction to Neurodynamic Integration: a somatic approach based on applied neurogenic tremors. Neurogenic tremors (NTs) are often experienced during or following traumatic events and also observed as a result of some osteopathic therapeutic interventions. The physical manifestation of NTs can range from a very gentle shaking of small muscles, up to a vigorous trembling of certain body districts or even of the entire body. Research data supports the notion that some forms of tremors may be functional for mitigating stress and anxiety. Perhaps, this may happen through an effect on central and autonomic nervous system function or as general relaxation effect of the muscular system.

In this theoretical and practical course on the application of NTs in osteopathy we will explore notions about the neurological correlates of chronic stress and experiment with different sets of physical interventions to activate and facilitate the tremor reaction. We will learn the basic principles to induce and manage this therapeutic intervention in the osteopathic practice.

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