AbeO.S. Student Exchange Week 2018

AbeO.S. Student Exchange Week 2018 2AbeO.S. organises an OsEAN Student Exchange week from May 21st to 25th, 2018

and would like to invite students from all OsEAN members’ schools to come, visit, learn and exchange. There will be theoretical lectures, practical lessons with sport and pediatric clinic and all lectures during this week will be in English.

To make it easier and better for students AbeO.S. has decided to have courses for two groups of students: for BEGINNERS (first, second and third year of curriculum) and for ADVANCED (forth and fifth year of curriculum).

AbeO.S. Student Exchange Week 2018 1


If you want to participate in the AbeO.S. Student Exchange Week, please talk to your school coordinator.

AbeO.S.’s staff and students will offer a warm welcome to guests. Fun and sightseeing are also included in the programme.

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