Board Members




Jöry Pauwels, MSc. D.O. / FICO Osteopathy Academy Belgium & Poland

Jöry Pauwels 1

  studied physiotherapy, manual therapy & education in teaching, continued at Flanders International College of Osteopathy, moving on from student to joint principal of Fico. Professionally Jöry is active at Fico, (private & Fico) clinic and high end physical sport (national rugby team). Jöry teaches in a number of European countries on (osteopathic) treatment concepts, education, innovations in safe & efficient mid-range manipulations: fluid build-up & non-impulse techniques and on gynecology & obstetrics. Currently Jöry enjoys his 2 children, food & drink, telemarking (white slopes and majestic mountains), traditional karate (IOGKF), (motor)cycling, rugby (national division) and golf when recovering from previous activities. Jöry’s mission for the future is to further the development of OsEAN & osteopathic teaching, the expansion of Fico and being a father.



Raimund Engel, MSc. D.O. / WSO

Raimund Engel


Raimund is a practicing osteopath and Principal of the Vienna School of Osteopathy based in Vienna, Austria. He obtained his D.O. title from the Vienna School of Osteopathy and his MSc. (Osteopathy) from the Danube University Krems.
Raimund was instrumental in the founding of the school in 1991 as well as in setting up the first osteopathic Master’s program in mainland Europe in collaboration with the Danube University in 2005.
Since 1999 Raimund has become increasingly involved in international osteopathic affairs. He served as the first Honorary Secretary of the World Osteopathic Health Organisation (WOHO) and as President of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (OsEAN) from 2008 until 2016. He is actively involved in promoting osteopathy as a distinct clinical discipline in Austria as well as in other parts of the world.
Raimund has more than two decades of teaching experience in Europe, Japan, Russia and Brazil. He is also a regular presenter at international osteopathic conferences.







Daniel Heed, D.O. BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, PGC (Clinical Anatomy) / SKOHS

Daniel Heed  

Daniel has practiced manual therapy since 1999 and still is. Although nowadays he spends most of his working time as the Principal of the Scandinavian School of Osteopathy, Sweden, where he thinks a responsive leadership is important while developing an organization that is thriving. He has also a great interest in clinical anatomy which he has studied, taught and related to osteopathy for many years. Daniel enjoys both being totally focused in budo training but also to contemplate under the stars if time allows.



Andrea Bergna, BSc. PT D.O. / SOMA

Andrea Bergna


Andrea Bergna is a BSc PT graduated from University of Milan since 1993 and an Osteopath since 1997. He is specialized in the orthopaedic, traumatology and sports field, collaborating with various specialists and having worked in the Italian Federation of Athletics, for different athletic societies and having himself been an athlete of national interest.

He is founding member of SOMA - Istituto Osteopatia Milano since 2000 where he is Director of Studies for Type 1 Course, Head of the Research Department and teaches osteopathic principles and practice, in particular by developing a learning program for the evaluation and treatment of the fascial system. He is co-author of the Core Competencies in Osteopathy drawn up by ROI - Registro degli Osteopati d'Italia (Italian Register of Osteopaths), author of scientific publications and textbooks. He is also Research Manager of AISO - Associazione Italiana Scuole di Osteopatia (Italian Association Schools of Osteopathy), for which he is co-author of Core Curriculum in Osteopathy.