Message from our new president

Robert Muts - OsEAN's President Hello to all,

my name is Robert Muts, principal of the College of Osteopathy Sutherland in Amsterdam. Proudly re-elected as president of OsEAN, for the coming years.
I am looking forward to continue the work on cooperation between schools in Europe. Specially in the field of education, research, curriculum and delivering the best osteopaths. We already achieved a lot in the past years, such as students-exchange, International Students Day, teachers-working-groups, Open Forum, etc.

In Amsterdam I work as the principal of College of Osteopathie, Academy of Mesology (Naturopathy) and director of the Integral Medical Centre. In this centre are about 30 therapist in complementary Medicine working together with patients. It is also the home for the clinical part of our education. To stay in contact with the working field, I still practice with patients in this centre, with expertise on chronic visceral diseases.