Audits' progress July 2017

OsEAN is proud to inform you about the progress of the auditing process which started in October 2015 and for the moment is going very smooth and as planned.

So far seventeen schools have undergo the auditing process, three of which are membership candidates. Fourteen schools have already received a certificate, two are awaiting theirs, and one did not pass the audit and is now an associate member.

Four schools are scheduled for an audit in the next months and another one has contacted ASI with the request to be scheduled. There are only six schools left that need to contact Dr. Peter Jonas. We hope they will manage to do this before the end of the year.

We are sorry to announce that one school has decided against the audit and we will have to lose it as member from January 2018.

OsEAN is working hard on its mission of “pursuing excellence in osteopathic education” and one of its strategies is to get all its members and member candidates audited by the end of 2017. The audits are being performed by the Austrian Standards Institution (ASI) according to the CEN- Standard “EN 16686 – Osteopathic Healthcare Provision” and the OsEAN-Standard.

We promise to keep you up-to-date on that matter but of course here you can follow the progress yourself.