Post graduate course: Animal Osteopathy at College Sutherland in Amsterdam

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Animal Osteopathy is the fastest growing profession in animal healthcare worldwide. ⁠Through the use of specific techniques developed in human osteopathy, osteopathic treatment addresses the structural and physical needs of an animal to relieve pain, improve movement and prevent injury.⁠

⁠Unlike humans, animals cannot tell us about their pain, hence osteopathic reasoning is largely based on careful observation and manual examination. For example, a dog will communicate their discomfort or pain by displaying changes in personality, behavior, or performance. ⁠

🏫Animal Osteopathy is available at College Sutherland where they offer a complete course spread over 4 seminars in cooperation with the Faculty of veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. ⁠The course is a beautiful and wonderful opportunity to perfect and to extend your osteopathic skills, and it will contain a lot of practice.

1️⃣ Level 1 or seminar 1 is spread over 4 days from 19 January till 22 January 2023. In this level we primarily emphasize on the Fundamentals of ethology and body work on animals.

2️⃣Level 2 emphasizes on the connective tissue from a tensegrity perspective: from cellular to body level from a functional perspective. You can follow the courses from the second seminar from 30 March till 2 April 2023.

3️⃣Level 3 is going to be taught from 15 june till 18 june 2023. During the 3rd seminar we go deeper into the Fascial Unwinding subject in which we cover the history, principles and Methods of application (local and global).

4️⃣ In level 4 we focus on the fluidic model in which we cover the history, principles, methods of application, Indications and contraindications. This latter seminar is given from 31 August till 3 September 2023.

✔️Post graduate course Animal Osteopathy is IREO Accredited!

🧑‍⚕️The teacher of this course is none other than MSc Ost, DO, PT Paolo Tozzi who is a highly experienced osteopath with animals, founder of the first Veterinary Osteopathy School in Italy, and is co-author of the book ‘Animal Osteopathy’ (2020), his movie is available at:, also available on or⁠ He has also participated in the first ever osteopathic wildlife workshop in 2009, held at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust at Tsavo Park in Kenya.

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