Nordic Osteopathic Conference

3rd Nordic Osteopathic Congress 2021

The 3rd Nordic Osteopathic Congress titled ‘Finding and Supporting Health 2.0’ will take place from the 30th until the 31st October, 2021. The event is held and presented on-line from Helsinki, Finland.

This outstanding event is being organized by the Finnish Osteopathic Association in the framework of the Nordic Osteopathic Alliance, NOA. The congresses have been organized since 2018, the Nordic associations taking turns in organizing the events. It is time to get together again, this time On-line! 

We are joining forces with our Nordic colleagues to offer you a chance to gettogether virtually and enjoy a great selection of lecturers!
Under the guidance of our lecturers we will dive deeper into theconcept of health, what supporting health from different points ofview means and what the role of research is and will/ could be forthe future of osteopathy. We will have time for questions andanswers following each lecture. We also get to spend some virtualtime together in between and after the lectures!

On Saturday 30.10. we will start with Christian Fossum talking about the Concept of Health in Osteopathy Today. His lecture will befollowed by Oliver Thomson on Understanding people, practiceand osteopathy through theory and research. Saturday will becompleted by Monika Ebner guiding us to Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology (PNEI) meets Osteopathy.

On Sunday 31.10. we will start the morning with a cup of coffeein the company of the presidents of the Nordic associations.Francesco Cerritelli will lecture on Interoception'scontribution to health promotion: from theory to practice and the final lecture will be with Dawn Carnes on Contemporary osteopathy- supporting national future healthneeds.

The lectures and Q&A session followed by the lectures will be streamed from a TV studio inHelsinki. The social events and coffee breaks will be hosted via Zoom Both links will be providedby e-mail a couple of days prior to the congress! (The lectures will not be recorded).

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