Metropolia - Virtual International Days in Health Care, Rehabilitation and Social Services

Metropolia Virtual Intern. Day 2021 3

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences warmly welcomes faculty members and students from its current and future partner institutions to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas as well as to create collaborative networks. Metropolia´s Innovation Hubs are the inspiration for the themes in 2021.

  • Promotion of health and functional capacity
  • Strengthening participation and human agency
  • Promotion and development of entrepreneurship and leadership skills
  • Intelligent, user-oriented solutions and services

We are interested in new research focusing on your specific subject area as well as new pedagogical methods such as e-learning, simulated learning, virtual learning, best practices, educational lectures & workshops, ideas for co-creation and collaboration. Please send us your abstract for (online) oral presentations, posters or workshops suitable for but not limited to multi-professional student groups. Online platform will be Zoom.

Network opportunities

The event offers virtual opportunities for project planning, meeting colleagues and finding new partners.

Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts, workshops and lectures is open until 31 January 2021


Registration is open from 15 February to 31 March 2021
Metropolia welcomes current and new partners to join the International Days event.
Metropolia will host nominated students from partner institutions. Please contact your local international coordinator before registration.


On each day the programme will consist of series of sessions in Zoom.
The programme will be published in February 2021

Metropolia Virtual Intern. Day 2021 1

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