Osteopathy and White Nights - postponed to 2022

Dear colleagues!

Osteopathy White Nights 2022Unfortunately, the pandemic restrictions and unpredictable behavior of the pandemic in the next six months do not allow us to start preparing for our International Osteopathic Conference "Osteopathy and White Nights", which we planned for spring 2021. We made a difficult decision to postpone it to 2022.

New dates of the International Conference "Osteopathy and White Nights" "Osteopathic traditions as the basis of professional development" are 3rd to 5th June 2022.

Your sincerely,
Larisa Lasovetskaya
Russia Academy of Osteopathic Medicine


Dear colleagues!

RAOMed & IOM would like to invite you for their VIIth international conference "Osteopathy & White Nights 2021"
Topic of conference: "Osteopathic traditions as the basis of professional development"
it will take place in Saint Petersburg on 28th - 30th May 2021; (exact dates and venue will be decided at a later stage)

Organizers of the conference:
- European School of Osteopathy
- Federation of Osteopaths of Russia
- Russian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine "RAOMed"
- Uniform National Register of Ostheopaths
- V. Andrianov Institute of Osteopathic Medicine

- Buset, Franz (Belgium)
- Butler, Enda (United Kingdom)
- Chervotok, Andrey Evgenyevich (Russia)
- Egorova, Irina Anatolyevna (Russia)
- Haxton, Jason (USA)
- Koss, Richard W. (USA)
- Lamb, Gerald (Gez) (United Kingdom)
- Lasovetskaia, Larisa Anatolyevna (Russia)
- Lever, Robert (United Kingdom)
- Molinari, Renzo (United Kingdom)
- Van-Herbert (Atabaki), Zara (United Kingdom)