Birth Issues and Diagnostic Skills in Working with Babies


This postgraduate course helps the osteopath to understand the birth process from the baby’s perspective.

The course starts with an introduction in the pre- and perinatal psychology.

Starting from this perspective, the 4 phases of the birth process are explained, and these are linked to the possible physical challenges the baby might encounter during the birth process and the repercussions on the baby’s emotional wellbeing. These experiences can have its consequences for both the neurological and physiological development and are co factors in determining the behavior in the future life.

You will learn to recognize physical signs that are linked to the birth process and link these to the possible behavior of the baby, the child and even the adult.

Video material and practical tutorials will enable you to both recognize and use 'Baby Body Language’ and use this as a tool in the osteopathic diagnostics.

Special attention is given to the skill of distinguishing different forms of crying (eg. needs crying/memory crying/dissonance crying) and how to cope with it.

Possible interventions (mechanical, chemical, relational…) are discussed and the osteopathic techniques are put into practice.

Both movie material as the 'on site' treatment of a family and the discussion on these materials, are used to teach and learn the principles of working with the baby and its family.

Location:  FICO Antwerpen 
When: 26th to 29th Nov 2020 - The course has been postponed
Language: English
Teacher: Matthew Appleton
Certificate: Certificat 'Birth Issues and Diagnostic Skills in Working with Babies' (4 day workshop for osteopaths), by Matthew Appleton
Accreditation:  No accreditation is granted
Cost: 690 euro for 4 days, including syllabus and certificat

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