Postgraduate manipulations

Revised mid range spinal manipulations techniques by a female osteopath.

FICO LogoA postgraduate course specifically designed by and for women, with all the modifications that really work. You learn how to focus and position yourself and the patient, so you can thrust easily patients that are taller, bigger, stronger or heavier than yourself, with minimal effort. Men are also welcome.

The course is 100% practical and all session will be individual supervised, allowing every attendee to:

  • Make progress on their spinal manipulations skills, by improving patient’s positioning and own body use
  • Identify what could compromise the success of the technique and solve these elements
  • Maximise the use of the own body. In this way the the use of strength is reduced to a strict minimum and the focus can stay at only one vertebral level
  • Maintain a specific focus, from start to finish

Each technique will be demonstrated and explained, step by step. Followed by individually supervised practical session

Day 1: 9:00h - 18:45h

Presentation of the course and its objectives
Sequential demonstration of the lumbar-roll from the positioning of the patient to the thrust
Sequential demonstration of the SI mobilisation/manipulation

Day 2: 9:00h - 18:45h

Demonstration of the hip mobilisation from the lumbar-roll position
Sequential demonstration of the Dog technique from the C/D to D/L
Sequential demonstration of the thoracic lift

Day 3: 9:00h - 16:30h

Sequential demonstration of the cervical wheel, from positioning of the patient to the thrust from the Occ-C1 to the C7/T1

Location:  FICO Antwerpen 
When: 12th to 14th November 2020
Language: English
Lecturer: Lucia Pereira, BSc Hons Ost DO
Certificate: Postgraduate certificate
Accreditation:  Accreditation is requested
Cost: 540 euro

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