Postgraduate Course 'Neurological balance'


21st & 22nd June 2019

FICO Belgium is organising a 'Neurological balance: neurologic use of tuning forks and proprioceptive taping' course lead  by Valentyn Sergiienko MD, orthopedist – traumatologist.

Ask yourself:

  • What is really going on when you manipulate? This is an open question with many different answers and points of view
  • How to understand Ruffini, Pacini and Golgi, and apply this knowledge to improve your therapy outcome?
  • How does your body understand what is happening in- and outside of the body? By incoming signals from receptors to the brain. But what if signals deriving from the receptors are incorrect?
  • How to elaborate on and apply the work of Dr. Irvin Korr in your daily clinical work?
  • From hyper facilitated neuron to New Wide Dynamic Range Neuron.

If the body receives wrong incoming information, the body can’t function in the optimal way. How is this possible? Eg. because of trauma, or «software» mistakes.

When the body suffers a trauma, the body needs to repair the tissue, restoring function, but sometimes this tissue repair is suboptimal, and receptors produce other signals. The brain might think that the trauma is still there.

After we learned the typical receptors of different tissue (eg. muscle, ligaments, fascia, hollow organs), we understand how the body can compensate, and we can help to reset this incorrect information. After this reset, the suboptimal nervous function is restored, and the body senses the trauma is solved. Normal function (and neurologic function) is restored.

This method is useful in joint-, ligament-, fascia- and visceral work. It will make your therapeutic work more efficient and effective.

This method is very useful to improve high skilled athletes’ performances and prevent injuries.

After the course you will be able to apply your new knowledges and skills.

You will work with new tools eg. different Hz neurological tuning forks & kinesio tape, in a way you never seen before.

These tools are direct applicable in your clinic and will prevent the recurrence of lesions.

For registration and more information about the course please visit FICO Belgium's website at: