12 BECAM 2.0
Rome, September 29th-30th, 2018
After the first European meeting in 2012, Educam is proud to present the second International Meeting focused on Animal Osteopathy and Wellness.
“BECAM 2.0 Animal Osteopathy & Wellness” is a unique event that has the objective to propose the evidence and the efficacy of Animal Osteopathy applied on birds, equines, reptiles, elephants, small animals as dogs and cats, in complete sinergy with others Wellness’ branch of knowledge.

BECAM 2.0 has the ambitious project to promote the role of the Expert in Animal Osteopathy as a professional figure in the field of Complementary Medicine and Animal Wellness’ branch.

The meeting is ECM accredited for all the sanitary professions and it is opened to: experts in Animal Osteopathy, Veterinarians, Osteopaths, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Biologists, Medical Doctors, canine ad equine Instructors and all the professional figures in animal field, esthetic and to all people that are willing to have a professional role in Animal’s Wellness field.

PRICE FOR RESERVATION For participating in Plenary (200 seats maximum) and Workshop: 300 € + IVA
(deadline May 30th, 2018), 210 € + IVA
(deadline September 21st), 260 € + IVA
students and A.I.R.O.P Associates 110 € + IVA
for schools, associations, universities, research foundations deadline July 31st: 10+1 members 2.000,00 € + IVA
More information at: http://www.congressieducam.it/becam2en/


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