The Use of ultrasound in osteopathic education - examining the pleura and respiration / Workshop 1

Osteopathic educational institutions teach that treating the structures of the lungs is important. Especially restrictions that may be due to previous infections or inflammations of the various structures, in the lung parenchyma and the pleura can affect the function of the thoracic ribcage. Indeed, movement restrictions and dysfunctions of the pleural cavity structures are clinically frequently related to symptoms of the thoracic spine, shoulders or the neck area. In this workshop the participants will have the opportunity to observe and examine the movement of pleura and lung during respiration and different postures with real time ultrasound imaging. They will have the chance to get feedback on their observations and palpation of anatomical structures of the ribcage. They will learn the technical basics of ultrasound imaging and how it can be applied in an osteopathic educational setting.


Jouko Heiskanen, MD, Senior Lecturer at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences since 2001
Teacher of musculoskeletal problems at Tampere University Faculty of Medicine since 1994
Medicine teacher in Finnish Manual Therapy Organization over 20 years
Teacher of musculoskeletal problems at Jyväskylä and Kuopio University 1995-2005
Music and dance medicine specialist at Tallin music academy, Sibelius Academy
Co-author of Sports medicine in disability books
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Ultrasound as a tool for teaching, evaluating and retraining muscle recruitment, Soundeffects vol 3 2012; 10-15
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