Osteopathic education through the ages - Current challenges / Symposium A

The education of osteopaths since the era of A.T. Still until today has changed fundamentally, not only in terms of national regulations, but also in regards to didactics, methods and pedagogic approaches. Latest findings in the field of educational sciences are changing the way osteopathic training is performed.
Challenges in part- and full-time educational programs in Germany will be addressed, as well as the support Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Osteopathie (BAO) has to offer.
BAO attaches great importance to training in theory and practice. The students are encouraged to study continuously and practice to work with patients.


Mathias Hartlep works as an osteopath in Germany since 2009. He is an assistant teacher at Deutsches Fortbildungsinstitut für Osteopathie (DFO) and specialized on osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of the respiratory system. Mr. Hartlep represents the DFO within the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Osteopathie (BAO).Being in charge of the international affairs for Bundesverband Osteopathie (BVO) he collaborates with various osteopathic organisations within the EU, Germany and other parts of the world.