Systematic Approach to Osteopathic Training in Russia / Symposium A

In Russia osteopathic training was started in 1994, firstly in private schools, then in higher schools’ medical departments, based on different programs without any state or occupational accreditation certificate. Each and every educational institution had its own program and standard for osteopathic training. Due to our Institute’s staff efforts, we could proof the osteopathic treatment efficacy to medical society and our authorities. In 2012 the new period of history of the Russian osteopathy started – the stage of state regulations: The Ministry of Health approved the osteopathy as a medical occupation for higher education. So, to become an osteopath in Russia, any specialist needs to complete osteopathic training in certified educational institutions with qualified staff and in accordance with the regulations governing such training.
Fast, comparing to other countries, development of the new educational system on osteopathy required the careful study of international experience in osteopathic training, development and approval of educational programs. In 2013, to coordinate the formation of a modern and efficient system of continuous osteopathic training, the Coordinating Council was created, which included representatives of leading Russian educational institutions offering training in osteopathy. In the near future the Council shall develop: 1) a mechanism to ensure the high standard of osteopathic training (common methodological approaches to be defined, educational standards to be developed, order of training to be agreed), 2) a mechanism for public and professional accreditation of educational programs and educational institutions that provide osteopathic training, as well as 3) a mechanism for occupational accreditation of osteopaths. Other events of a great importance for the development of osteopathy in Russia are as follows: complex scientific researches planned to conduct with the participation of foreign osteopathic schools representatives as well, major scientific and promotional events management, issue of regular specialized scientific-informational publications.
To provide the qualified osteopathic training, in Russia an occupational standard has been developed, covered all professional competences of osteopaths and programs approved by the Ministry of Health. All osteopaths will be involved in continuous medical education system. In addition, there will be a special program for teacher training.


Dmitry Mokhov – DOE MD PhD

 Member of Direction of Register of Osteopaths of Russia,
 President of the Russian Osteopathy Coordination Council,
 Director of the Department of Osteopathy of North-Western State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov,
 Member of the American Academy of Osteopathy,
 Editor-in-Chief of the “Russian Osteopathic Journal”


Tregubova Elena Sergeevna –MD, PhD, head of the pedagogic department of North-Western State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov under the Ministry of public health, head of educational projects of Institute of Osteopathy of St. Petersburg State University, member of Russian Coordination Council of Osteopathy.