Best Practice Audit Utilizing Appreciative Inquiry / Workshop 4

A workshop in developing best practices in teaching and reaching students utilizing an appreciative inquiry approach. The workshop encourages educators to reflect upon their approach to facilitating osteopathic knowledge construction from a framework of positiveness and community. Through continued best practices audits, educators promote creative and authentic methods of reaching students. Together we create knowledge.


Tara is a professor with the CCO and CEO in Canada, and SICO and DOK in Europe. She completed her studies in Osteopathy in 2001 and has lectured across Canada and in Europe. She completed her Masters in Post-Secondary Adult Education in 2008 and is writing her PhD dissertation on predicting student achievement. She provides seminars in metacognitive skills for students and Teach to Reach for osteopathic instructors in Canada. Her interest is in reaching students and helping them understand how they learn.