Implementation of a Virtual Learning Environment for Teaching Osteopathic Research Methodology / Symposium A

Based on the guidelines provided by the OSEAN in 2012, the Osteopathic School of Buenos Aires has included a theoretical and practical program in Methodology of Scientific Research with students of 3rd, 4th and 5th level, to its 2013 syllabus. However, taking into account the need to adapt to new educational paradigms by implementing Virtual Learning Environments, the Department of Research of the Osteopathic School of Buenos Aires , alongside the Governing Board of the institution, have decided to incorporate a virtual training program for obtaining DO, to its 2015 syllabus. It shall be addressed to all those EOBA graduates and other national and international related educational institutions, requiring methodological and technical advice in the process of making their DO thesis.

It is an elective program, it will last one (1) year and will be done at a distance through a virtual learning platform. The objectives are to guide and monitor the development of the research necessary for obtaining the DO in Osteopathy, by issuing virtual courses of intensive scientific research methodology, specific activities consistent with the different sections of a research paper and custom weekly tutorials through the platform. Finally, students will have a series of personal meetings with program coordinators to monitor progress regarding their project.


Professor Laura Legal is a Kinesiologist and a Doctor in Physical Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, and the DO Osteopathic Osteopathic School of Madrid. She has taught multiple courses of Osteopathic training nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards from national and international institutions. She currently serves as Consulting Professor Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires and is a founding member, teacher and director of the Osteopathic School of Buenos Aires.