Moodle as an e-learning educational platform / Symposium A

Moodle is the educational platform of IFO-GA, to accompany teachers and students throughout the school, whether in classroom teaching or distance. This platform allows to manage educational resources and to associate interactive learning opportunities and student assessment activities.

Moodle is a polymodal set of tools allowing the use of:
* Educational tools: resource manager, editor, blogs, rss feeds, lessons, ...
* tools synchronous Communication or not: discussion forums, chat, polls ...
* Collaborative tools: groups, wiki, workshop, journal, glossary, database ...
* Assessment tools: deposit homework, tests online with pooling questions ...


Pascal Grolaux, DO
Graduated from the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy in association with the Maidstone College of osteopathy
Graduated from l'Ecole Suisse de Médecine Ostéopathique
Doctorate Thesis in osteopathy
Teacher and Pedagogic Coordinator, IFO-GA, Ecole d’ostéopathie, Avignon-France
17 years of experience practising osteopathy