Pilot Study: Implementing an assessment to Osteopathic students on transferable knowledge skills from Case Studies research to their clinical practice / Symposium A

Background: Osteopathic researchers are not increasing in the desire number, and scientific evidence is essential for the development of the profession. Integrating research skills in undergraduate formation is crucial to stimulate students to implementing evidence research in their clinical practice.

• To introduce scientific research based on Case Studies in the clinical routine of the final years Osteopathic students;
• To evaluate the importance of these Case Studies in the students’ research and scientific competences and their ability to transfers them to the clinical practice.

• 1º phase – implementing research methods programme in the final year undergraduate formation in Osteopathy.
• 2º phase -The Case Studies research will be based on patients presenting with unusual complaints within the muscle skeletal and neurological context. Each student will be encouraged to complete 2 Case Studies over their final year Clinical discipline.

At the end of this process students will be invited to fill a questionnaire with the objective to evaluate perceived levels of competence in transferable skills and in research skills. This evaluation is based in the questionnaire developed from the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Applied Undergraduate Research Skills at Reading University, which is being used and adapted by different authors.

Statistics – Descriptive statistic will be reported through mean and by bar chart. A chi-squared test will be used to examine the two difference levels of competence. All data will be analysed with SPSS statistical software.

Dr. Borges de Sousa
Osteopath from South Africam Director of Instituto de Tecnicas de Saude
50 years in Osteopathic Clinic, 30 years teaching Osteopathy in Portugal, Lecturer in Universities and Schools of Health in Portugal, especially research your thesis, several articles in newspapers and magazines in Portugal

Dra Cristina Mesquita
- BSc. (Hons) Osteopathy pela British School of Osteopathy
-Registered in GOsC
-Lecturer of Biomechanics, Soft Tissue Techniques and HVT Osteopathic Techniques at Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde
-Osteopath at Old Osteopathic Clinic in London
-Osteopath at Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre