Publication of undergraduate research at the European School of Osteopathy

For most undergraduate and even postgraduate students the idea of writing a dissertation, let alone going through the process of publication, can be quite daunting. The vast majority of osteopathic student research projects never make it to publication. Reasons for that might be poor quality research, research outcomes that have not been expected or are not favourable, and lack of writing and/or publishing experience of the students or their supervisors. Furthermore, as the majority of osteopathy graduates embark on a career as practitioners, they might not be able to contribute time and effort into the highly demanding task of writing a manuscript.
The European School of Osteopathy (ESO) has clearly identified the publication of osteopathic research, both undergraduate and post-graduate, as one of the main aims in order to contribute to the growing evidence, hence serving the viability and longevity of the osteopathic profession. Generally, all students are encouraged to publish work from their research. A prize is awarded at graduation to the student with potentially the most publishable, high-standard dissertation. The prize-winner and other authors of high-quality dissertations are offered support through the process of publishing a paper based upon their research, or even submitting an abstract or brief communication to a journal. Since the introduction of this prize, ESO undergraduates have successfully published their research in peer-reviewed journals. When time and resources permit, our intention is that other dissertations worth publishing will be re-written into manuscripts and submitted for publication by members of ESO research staff.

Dr Anne Jakel recently has been appointed to the post Head of Research Development at the European School of Osteopathy, UK. She has a background in nursing, a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, an MSc in Biochemistry and Immunology, and a DPhil from Oxford University, again in Biochemistry and Immunology. In addition, she graduated last year from Oxford Brookes University with a BSc in Osteopathy, and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy. She has published a number of papers as a result of her DPhil studies, as well as a recent systematic review on the effectiveness of Cranial Osteopathy. Prior to her current position she was working as a senior health outcomes analyst for a company that undertakes systematic reviews within healthcare.