Bringing More Presence to the Art of Palpation / Workshop 1C

There are new and exciting developments in the understanding of neuroplasticity, polyvagal theory and various practices that enhance and deepen heart coherence, or “Presence”. It is wise to include this depth into the teaching and refinement of palpation skills. It is still as crucial as ever to see the central importance of the words of the founder of Osteopathy, Dr. A.T. Still, “Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy” when palpating any patient, or assessing their somatic dysfunctions. In recent years I have seen the benefit in my own osteopathic practice of cultivating and evolving my own direct and immediate Presence with the patient – and without getting distracted from appropriate focus, presencing also to my own in-the-moment experience. New technology has made it possible, without years of a daily practice of meditation, to bring this access to Presence to an appreciable level of benefit in a matter of weeks (though like any other skill building, it continues to accrue for as long as one applies oneself). The technology is a form of BioFeedback used in support of developing heart coherence individually, and in groups of four or eight. The hardware and software for the group biofeedback – which we are calling “The Presence Project” - was developed by my collaborator, Rod Punnett. This workshop is meant for experienced practitioners who have already mastered the basic skills and anatomical knowledge required to palpate, but who wish to take the state of awareness they bring to the practice to a whole new level.

Howard trained as an Osteopath and Naturopath in Britain, and he has been in private practice since 1988. Now located in Victoria, B.C., Canada, Howard has taught and practiced in Europe and New Zealand, and was on the staff at the OCC in London, U.K. As part of his private practice, Howard is making available to his clients, for their self-guided use, biofeedback equipment and information which is intended to complement and support Howard's use of functional, cranio-sacral and other osteopathic practices aimed at facilitating a client's own process for re-establishing and maintaining harmonic balance. Howard's life and work are deeply informed by a commitment to present moment investigation of the Essence of who we are. He is actively engaged in his own spiritual practice – through “The Diamond Approach”, study of the Enneagram, and in collaboration with Rod Punnett, investigating group BioFeedback, in what we call The Presence Project.