Beyond palpation – an approach to apply tissue quality in osteopathic treatment / Workshop 1E

Especially with very young, very old or very sick persons in our experience you need tissue quality as reference if you want to make your treatment as efficient and safe as possible. We worked out teaching tools and try to develop them further constantly in order to give an ignition to students capacity of diagnosing and treating tissue quality as well as to improve their skills in recognizing various tissues in very different conditions as sine qua non for further treatment. Our approach is founded on the basis of teacher-hands-on, multi-hand-techniques and self-reflexion (including centering) teaching special tools to approach tissue not only as palpable structure but as information source. The capacity to decode the information of the tissues matrix in treatable conditions and relevant diagnostics will enrich the osteopathic touch in its treatment potency.

A. Mückler: living in Vienna, diploma for physiotherapy 1984, teached physiotherapy, co-founder of a multi-professional primary health care center, osteopathic family praxis since 1999, supervision and teaching for OZK Vienna, leads clinic cooperation project: perinatal osteopathic outpatient clinic, treating newborns and teaching students within the birth unit. G.Wagner: Educated in medical and osteopathic sciences as well as in art. President of the OZK - Osteopathic center for children,Vienna. Teaches different lectures mainly in pediatric osteopathy. Working as osteopath, pediatric osteopath, GP and artist in Vienna.