MIND MATTERS - A Palpation Research Project. / Workshop 2A

The osteopathic community knows many different approaches to palpate a body. The question is whether it makes a difference if we look for restrictions of joints, for mobility or motility of organs or if we let the flow of fluida come into our attention. Quantum physical research claims that our view and our expectations can make a tissue change. This workshop tries to experience what happens if a practitioner changes his/her view during palpating a patient. Guided by short 1-minute-questionnaires and supported by citations of representatives of the different osteopathic concepts and/or anatomical pictures and physiological diagrams the participants of this workshop will be invited to feel the difference. The results may concern both, practitioners and patients. And for both, patient and practitioner, the results will be recorded.

1976-1982 Study of theater, German literature and sociology. Magister art.,Berlin 1989-1992 Physiotherapy-School Berlin 1991-2001 International Academy of Osteopathy 2002-2006 Osteopathie Schule Deutschland 2007-2009 Master of Science Osteopathy Donau Universit├Ąt Krems (Austria) Various articles in German Osteopathic Journals (DO,OM) Field of Research: Osteopathic Philosophy, Osteopathic Science Tutor and Juror for Osteopathic Final Studies Practice in Osteopathy since 1995