‘Investigating the theories that underpin the teaching of palpation’ / Symposium C: Various Concepts, Presentation

Following my presentation at the OsEAN meeting in Vienna I have continued with my educational doctoral studies at Bath University. After discussions with my University supervisor, at the end of March, it was decided that my thesis will investigate the educational foundations and theories that underpin how we teach palpation. I have decided that my investigation will utilise a Delphi study and in preparation, during the summer months, I will be undertaking a written assignment designed to identify not only the most suitable Delphi format but also the core questions the study will pose to the selected panel of experts. I would be very interested in hosting either a workshop or delivering a presentation at the conference and propose the following for your consideration. Presentation • Briefly describe the Delphi method and identify its strengths and weaknesses. • Describe the rationale for selecting this form of study • Explain why I consider it is a suitable method for osteopathic research • Review the findings and outcome of my pilot study. • Conclusion to include a brief discussion or exploration of the educational theories that underpin palpation teaching. Workshop • As an introduction the above presentation will be given • The focus would be a discussion or exploration of what the attending osteopathic educators believe are the educational theories that underpin their palpation teaching.

Graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1978 lecturer at different Osteopathic Schools in UK from 2000-2005 Full time member of British School of Osteopathy faculty since 2005 Lecturer in technique and palpation Lecturer in anatomy Previously lecturer in osteopathic evaluation and diagnosis Head of technique faculty 2009-2011 Currently studying towards a professional doctorate in education at Bath University