The osteopathic palpation as perception in a complex system / Key Note

Starting from the hypothesis that there is an engineery and a specific strategy for teaching palpation, this presentation shows the numerous subjective element of interaction in palpation. The transmission of the information between patient and practitioner needs to include a third element: the interface of perception linked to the felt sense. Based on A.T.Still's experience, the apprenticeship of osteopathic palpation is more than a technique to apply; it’s a transformation praxis in an existential approach of life. The different information elements are in a systemic combination; they help for the self healing process of the patient as a reflexive actor of his own wellness. An experimentation can be done in a workshop. Bruno Ducoux DO

Bruno Ducoux DO, 1985 France, has been practicing Osteopathy in private practice and in maternities hospital. He is teaching worldwide "Emotional Integration in osteopathy","The way of osteopathy"mainly in water; Osteopathy in the pediatric field. He has been one of the founders of the french Academy of Osteopathy, redactor of ApoStill, member of the first board of WOHO. He is the director of the postgraduate pediatric institution Formation recherche en Osteopathie Pédiatrique