The Network of big osteopathic schools of France (RGEOF)

Edouard-Olivier Renard, Centre Européen d' Enseignement Supérieur de l'Ostéopathie (CEESO), France

The RGEO - Reseau des Grandes Ecoles d’Ostéopathie- is a network for leading osteopathy schools in France. The creation of the RGEO at the beginning of 2008 was a milestone in the teaching of osteopathy in France The 5 members,(CEESO Paris, CEESO Lyon, CIDO St Etienne, COPR Marseille et IDHEO Nantes) are institutions providing a 5 year full time training programme in osteopathy. These 5 schools were part of the first institutions to be officially accredited by the French Health Ministry on August 9th 2007.

A Question of Quality (Erasmus, ISO 9001)

The RGEO share common goals concerning the quality of osteopathic education and practice with the aim of ensuring quality teaching and patient safety, by the training of competent future practitioners.

The RGEO have a common view on the teaching of osteopathy and share their skills and resources on;

•    Methods of recruitment

•    Pedagogy and course objectives

•    Evaluation and assessment with shared exam juries

In addition all 5 members are committed to the European Erasmus Life long learning programme and each has been awarded the Erasmus University Charter, thus abiding by the strict quality rules set out for European institutions of Higher Education. Each school is actively involved in creating Erasmus partnerships with other European schools of osteopathy.

ISO 9001
In addition to this European assurance of quality education the RGEO members are all certified with the International quality standards ISO 9001.these quality standards are applied to the whole running of the institution from Management and administration to pedagogy and examinations. The schools complete a rigorous external audit yearly to maintain their certificate and in addition share their expertise with regular reciprocal internal auditing between institutions. These internal audits are carried out by qualified auditors from each institution.