Teaching osteopathic students technique; using research to identify good teaching practice

Simon Browning, British School of Osteopathy, UK

It is my view that the teaching of osteopathic technique has benefited from virtually no research and only minor changes since I qualified over 30 years ago. I am investigating the learning of osteopathic technique as part of my doctoral studies and I am keen to exchange ideas on different methods used to teach technique in osteopathic schools. My aim is to, with research, identify the formats for teaching technique that will enhance the practical skills of osteopathic student practitioners. This presentation will initially identify theories of learning that underpin the traditional teaching approach; expert demonstration, student practice and tutor feedback b efore examining the current research into motor skill learning from sport and the allied professions of physiotherapy, chiropractic and medicine. In conclusion the findings, based upon comments from colleagues and 3rd year students at the British School of Osteopathy, of a short trial using this research will be presented.