Member Meetings

There are two types of Member Meetings organised by OsEAN: live and online meetings.

The Online Meetings are also two types: for All Members and for Board Members only. Each of these meetings is held bimonthly and hosted by the president of OsEAN. The agenda as well as the link for the online meetings are published on the website (Events Member Meetings Online Meetings) a couple of days prior to the meeting. The members are also provided with this information via an automatically generated e-mail after the information has been posted in OsEAN’s Forum.

The Live Meetings are biannual, one is held in spring and the other one in autumn. The meetings are usually hosted by one of OsEAN's Member Schools which basically means that the meetings are always at a different place. During the autumn meeting there is a second type of meeting held: an ordinary General Assembly. At this meeting only Members with a full membership are allowed to participate and to vote. Motions to the General Meeting must be submitted to the Board of Directors at least 14 days prior to the fixed date. For more information about the General meeting please read the bylaws.

Each Member School is welcome to participate in the All Members (Live/Online) Meeting and suggest a topic for discussion.